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15 Best Free YouTube Alternative Sites For 2019

Are you looking for the best video sharing websites? Here are the Top 15 Best Free Alternatives Of YouTube To Watch Free Videos Over the years, YouTube has established itself as the most preferable and popular online website for streaming various videos free of cost. YouTube has not only served …

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YouTube marketing: How to embed video in your social media strategy

The popularity of YouTube marketing has grown massively among brands in recent years. With over 1.9bn monthly users and a greater reach than many TV networks, that’s hardly a surprise. In this blog, we’ll discuss how SME owners can make YouTube marketing a valuable part of their overall strategy. The basics …

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Using Google Maps costs more than you think

Google Maps is free, isn’t it? It seems like a question with an obvious answer, doesn’t it? Of course, Google Maps is free. I’ve never been asked to enter my credit card to look up a new address. There is no subscription plan. There is no pay wall. But just …

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